Saturday, December 1, 2007


My friend friend Flora Bowley is the curator, organizer and participant of an amazing affordable art extravaganza. Thirty artists will have thirty days to create thirty small paintings (8" x 8") each. All 900 paintings will be for sale for just $30 each!! Cash only!

Get there early it's bound to go fast! Original art for only $30 -- what a great way to support your local artists and get some great gifts for the holidays.

December 7, 2007
Location: OM Tradition Arts, 14 NE 10th Ave. (at 10th and E. Burnside) Portland, OR

Artists: Alisha Wessler, Bobby Jansen, Brent Wear, Carrie Hardison, Celeste Bergin, Chalie Alan Kraft, Chris Haberman, Cvita Mamic, Erika Lee Sears, Flora S. Bowley, Hadley Hutton, Jackie Avery, Jason Brown, Jamee Linton, Jennifer Mercede, J. Boyd aka Dr. Smooth, Julia Skerry, Kevin Noonan, Kimmie Hutchins, Kyndra Watters, Melissa Wenzel, Michael Fields, Michelle Ramin, Rachel Austin, Rebecca J. Becker, Rebecca Shelly, S. Tudyk, Scott Dragoo, Shawn Demarest, Ted Sawyer and Wendy Givens

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