Monday, January 21, 2008

collage on alberta

Collage on NE Alberta Street is THE BEST place on earth (ok -- for sure the best place on Alberta Steet)! For hours, info and upcoming events check out the website at: - or check out Maria's blog to see what's new and exciting.

Collage has all kinds of art supplies as well as the most excellent papers, and card stock stacks around. If you need some little obscure something or other related to arts and crafts, it's a pretty good bet that they have it.

Collage is also the spot where DIY Lounge has it's classes, so check it out next time you're on Alberta St. you won't be sorry!!!

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Maria said...

Laura, your site and blog are so great! I'm so glad I found it. Now I know a great place to come for fun, unique gifts and treats for myself!!!
Your designs are fabulous!