Friday, March 21, 2008

amazing artist: rachel ann austin

I'm a huge fan of Rachel Austin an amazing artist. I was first introduced to her work at an art event called "Thirty" which featured 30 artists, who created 30 small original pieces, which all cost $30. It was amazing and I was taken with Rachel's work. I was lucky enough to score 2 of her pieces and was instantly a FAN!

I got a chance to meet Rachel, and profess my love to her, at the Holiday Crafty Wonderland event and I must admit that I often go and visit her works on her Etsy shop.

The depth and texture of her work encourages another look and then another until you are lost somewhere between the surface and the underlying layers. She not only makes awesome paintings, she also make jewelry and other adornments.

I'm so inspired by her creative works. Check out Rachel Austin's Etsy Shop

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