Friday, April 4, 2008

blend creations

I am in LOVE with everything that Blend Creations makes! If you haven't seen the work of husband and wife team Vivian Cheng and Eric Jean-Louis then please visit their amazing site! What makes them even more awesome is that Vivian is the most inspiring woman.

Because I am such a huge fan of Blend Creations, I asked Vivian a few questions about her business and how they spent their advertising and marketing energy and she actually answered me. Not only did she answer, she did it with such generosity and kindness. So thank you Vivian, for being the kind of woman and business owner we should all strive to be!

She recommended the Switchboards, and if you haven't heard of it, it's a great resource for small businesses. Business women UNITE!

Everything about Blend Creations is top notch!

They also blog.


Vivian Cheng said...
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Vivian Cheng said...

Aw jeez Laura - It's enough to make a girl blush! I only just found this post. Glad you've found everything useful!

Our latest thing is all about devouring marketing books aimed at small businesses (inspired by a thread on the Switchboards. Seth Godin books are a good, quick and easy read and so is his . If you look around his site, he's got some free e-books too.

He's very much a "You can do it!" cheerleader.

(I screwed up a link posting the last comment, hence why it was deleted and now this is here -- why doesn't Blogger have an 'edit comment' function?)