Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new pics

The sun is out and spring feels sprung (again)
and it was a perfect day for some new pics!

How do you like the new background???

For those of you who take photos of your work, you know that it's not just the taking of the pictures, it's soooo much more than that. The process gets more and more involved the nicer you'd like your pictures to look! And so, it is with much sadness, that for now I'll be leaving off the watermarking (adding the website information) to each picture. I've got hundreds to edit and it's an extra few minutes for each photo, so for's rounded corners! Look for these on Etsy very soon....Enjoy!

1 comment:

Yarn Thing said...

I just saw a post about you on Crafty Pod and OMG...I love your stuff!!!

You and I should chat...Have you ever checked out the Holiday Kal-Cal? Well, we have etsy shop contribute prizes in exchange for advertisement on our podcast! It is a fun swap...would you be interested? We also do one for the Summer Kal- Cal.

Check them out!!!

You have great stuff!!!