Monday, June 23, 2008

the spider in my machine

There's a spider in my mac. I just flipped my little baby open and a spider scurried inside -- I didn't know it was a spider at first. I saw something move and then as I looked closer it had left a web that it had been working on in the crevice where the screen and the keyboard meet.

So do I take it to a genius for spider removal? Can you just see it?

Me: Hi.

Genius: How can I help you.

Me: Uhm, there seems to be a spider in my laptop.
Can you open it up and get the little spider out?

Genius: ...

I'm afraid it's going to leap out of my laptop and attack me. I think they call that Arachnophobia...or macaracnophobia.

I definitely have a case of the heebejeebies.

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'Daisy Tornado' said...

Hey GirL... Mel Hunter, here ... (GAS conference)... Hope all is well.... back in Illinois and back to work... Miss the temperate weather of Portland... it was 90 here today.... Anyway..... LOVE your work... I'm going to show my Gfriend them tomorrow...... I'm sure lust... (for the pendants, that is), will ensue!!!!
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