Monday, August 11, 2008

the final countdown

The Seattle Gift Show begins this Friday (for me). I'll be heading up to Seattle early Friday morning to set up my booth, and then sell, sell, sell!

I'll keep you posted on the pre-during-and-post tidbits. I'll take lots of pictures.

This will be my first big trade show and I'm really excited. So far I feel like I'm pretty well prepared. I asked questions, did research, asked some more questions and so on. I feel like I've anticipated most of the issues, but I'm sure a few curve balls will come up...but I'm ready!

I've also created a wholesale line. Very exciting stuff. I'll post the wholesale information as soon as I can.

I'm hoping to do a lot of business and make a lot of awesome connections. So if you're in Seattle August 15-20th -- let me know so we can hook up!

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