Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm a night owl. I get a second wind when the sun goes down and I do a lot of work between 10pm and 2am. Last night the TV was on while I was working and the infomercial for Wen (hair stuff) and Cindy Crawford's magic face stuff was on (they did a side by side and she hasn't aged in 14 years of seeing the French face doctor...who doesn't want that???). I was tempted to order them both, like really tempted...why is that? Is it that at 1am a person is more susceptible to the repetitive selling slogan or is it the celebrity endorsements? I mean if Melissa Gilbert loves it, I will love it...if Dorthy Hamill says it's good, well she's trustworthy and I should get it. I am fascinated by the "need" that Guthy Renker creates, and how well they do it. If only I could tap into that marketing genius.

But of course I held myself back from ordering and am just going to live with my shampooed hair and my regular Aveda face products. I might not look as good as Cindy Crawford, Melissa Gilbert or Valerie Bertinelli (what isn't she endorsing?), but there's always another chance for them to get me tonight.

Resistance if futile!

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