Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tip tuesday - digital box

I'm sure you've heard that your regular tv is going to need a digital box upgrade by next February, and there's a coupon for $4o off the $60 device. Get the coupon by visiting this website: https://www.dtv2009.gov/

The coupon is good for 90 days, so start doing your research now.

I purchased the Apex Digital Box from Best Buy and I am not loving the pixelated herky jerky picture. At least with the good old antenna it might have been fuzzy or staticy but at least there was some consistency there. I hate it when you're trying to hear something and it just freezes, and then after an unknown amount of time it might start again, and now you've missed the thing you wanted to know. It was also a total pain to set up. I'm pretty good with following directions but this was harder than it should have been. Check out the latest reviews before you purchase.

I'm already not a fan of this digital switch over, I don't know why we can't keep on with the way things were...you know, FREE television. So good luck with your digital switch over.

The one good thing...extra Public Television Stations! Love OPB.

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