Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

Thank you Earth for sustaining us another year despite our abuse! I know each of you are doing your part, so please keep doing those good things. Whether you do a little or do a lot, it all adds up and together we can do it.

A few resources:
The Nature Conservancy
We can solve it
Tree Hugger
Planet Save
Conservation International
Live Earth
Science Daily
The Green Guide
Living Green
Green Living Tips
Fair Trade

Is glass green? Well it's pretty green, and getting greener all the time. Check out the Bullseye Glass Blog article that Lani wrote about the Oxygen tank and how they are working to reduce their carbon footprint. The Bullseye Factory also reuses it's water and recycles all sorts of things. I'm glad to know they are conscious of being green and working to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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Lani said...

Hey Laura,
I just found your site and love it. Great fun to find Bonnie & Nathan here too! Thanks for staying connected.