Thursday, May 22, 2008

beneath the surface

The ocean has always been very important to me. At one point in my life I seriously considered becoming a marine biologist, so I was really excited when Sharkwater arrived today from Netflix.
I love sharks. Always have. I am fascinated by their beauty and drawn to them by something I can't explain. The oceans have always been very near and dear to me and I grow more and more concerned about the atrocities that are going on there. After watching the amazing award winning documentary Sharkwater I am profoundly moved and more sick than ever at the sinister illegal slaughter of sharks. Imagine swimming around in your ocean and being plucked out, your fins cut off, while still alive and then being tossed back into the ocean to drown. It's just way, way beyond unconscionable.

Rob Stewart has made an incredible film and I urge you to watch this eye opening and thought provoking glimpse at this very serious situation, and more importantly, to get involved in the preservation of our oceans and the precious eco-system that we need to survive.

Check out Rob Stewart's Blog:

Here's a little excerpt from the blog:

"Based on our resource usage, it’s estimated that we would need 6 planet earths to sustain life. We waste 54 billion pounds of fish each year while 8 million people die of starvation. 90% of all large predators in the oceans are gone, and in the next 40 years every fishery will have collapsed, and a few billion people will be underwater.

Our relationship with the natural world is not working. We as a species haven’t realized that life depends on life. Conservation is the most important issue humanity has ever faced, as it is the preservation of human life on earth. Ecosystems and species will be fine as they have been for millions of years.

Sharks survived 5 major extinctions, watching life on earth rebuild 5 times. Sharks will be fine, it’s whether humans will survive, and how many future generations will live in lack, starvation and crisis because of our failure to wake up in time."

I was really thrilled to see that Whole Foods had stopped carrying Shark products. Thanks Whole Foods!

Have extra time? Volunteer with Sea Shepherd.

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