Tuesday, August 5, 2008

tip tuesday - one notebook

This is my number one organizational tip/secret. Are you ready for this one? It's one notebook.

Yes, that's right, I said it. One notebook. Imagine if you will a place that everything that gets jotted down gets jotted in one place. The kind of notebook is just as important as only using one. It has to be something you like and something you can keep with you.

I use the Moleskin Weekly Pocket Planner, I take notes, draw pictures, make plans, make lists, write down ideas, everything all in one notebook.

Now, what you don't know about me is that I LOVE notebooks. I love paper of all kinds. I have like a zillion notebooks and journals, and other compiled paper products. I also LOVE organization. Like obsessive organization, and I used to use several - one for creative ideas, one for improv, one for art, one for glass, one for business ideas - you get the idea, but I sometimes didn't have the one I wanted when I needed it and so I would cross mingle things and then when I wanted to find that tidbit of genius it took ages to find it -- or worse yet, I couldn't find it or even worse than that -- deadlines, phone numbers and other really important stuff sometimes (rarely -- but still) fell through the cracks. But with my new improved one notebook for all those things that get jotted, I'm on top of it and I know that if I wrote it down, it's in there.

So give it a try, for those of you I've converted to the one notebook system, please feel free to leave your comment. And if you try it, tell me how you like it!

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